Friday, August 3, 2012

Puyo Workshop 07/31/12

The workshop went wonderfully. I really felt like I got to talk to people, There were so many ideas the teachers and the parents had that I couldn't believe I didn't have myself, One woman with a blind son, created a morning schedule using a toothbrush head, a sock and a toy bus to indicate brushing teeth, getting dressed and taking the bus to school.  it was  so creative and absolutely perfect for her son

Everyone had so many great ideas.  Renee said it best, "You don't need to  be a therapist, you just need to be creative." Parents know their children best so having the opportunity to work beside them and hear what they need and see how they communicate was an extremely rewarding  opportunity. When I go home I will definitley take this experience with me . You don't need the most expensive equipment which I think people sometimes forget being from the US. You don't need all that stuff, You can  make equipment that works just as well with inexpensive materials.

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