Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Citti Project from the point of view of an Ecuadorian Brown Velvet Tarantula

So I was minding my own business, hanging out at my home, Indi Wasi, in Salasaka, Ecuador.  Night fell and I was starting to get cold so I sauntered over to room 6 of the hostel, assuming it was unoccppied.  I crawled under the door and found myself a nice warm crack to curl up in for the night.  Room 6 has always been the best room to squat in, as it has many entrance points for a limber guy like me.  Just as I was dosing off a ruckus awoke me.  I peered up, sleepy eyed, to see a couple of tourists staring at me, wide eyed and speaking a language I didn´t understand.  They were pointing and looking at me, which I thought was a little rude.  I mean, how would you feel if me and my buddies were dangling over your bed and causing a ruckus while you were trying to sleep?? 

Anyway, thankfully they took off in quite a hurry and I settled back into sleep.  Not five minutes later they´re back, talking loudly and gesturing toward me.  Now what? I think to myself, sleepily eyeing the group that has now entered my room.  Before I know it I´m covered in a poncho and being squished and stomped by a heavy foot....

I bet you´re wondering how my story ends.  You might think I´m dead.  Well, you would be right.  I considered taking an early entrance to spider heaven but I´m really way too young for reitrement.    I have opted to roam the earth in ghostly form.  I now haunt room 6 of Indi Wasi, hobbling around on my 8 legs and waiting to get my revenge....  Watch your back CITTI Project!!

-Gabrielle Heselton

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