Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Wonderful Team!

This year's team was awesome.  They not only represented a true international contingent, but ranged across ages, professions, and life experiences. What we all have in common is our enthusiasm to make a difference. 

Ithaca College Study Abroad Students (back left>right) Anna, Andrea, Megan, (front left>right) Renee, Katherine, Taylor, Stephanie

Our professional volunteers Sonia - team leader, Meghan, Gabrielle, Marcia, and (front center) Andrea - workshop leader
Our Ecuadorian team Gladys and Danny, plus team leaders Dennis, Lynn, Mimi, Chaya, and Bridgett

Monday, August 6, 2012

CITTI Project 2012 Through the Photojournalist Eyes

Here is just a smithering of images from our workshops in Mindo and Puyo Ecuador.
There are many many more images of both our process, our workshops and completed adaptations, however I wanted to get something up on our blog so that you the reader will be able to see just a tiny bit of what our time was about. As many of the blog pieces have already mentioned in words some of our experiences I hope that these images will help round out and show a face to their words....
It was a truly amazing journey.......


Prepping for our first workshop while still in Quito:


Mindo Ecuador: Visiting the local school  and our first workshop.

Walking the streets of Mindo to The Center

Planning  for  Day 1





              And it begins.....


Group shots  with organizations in Mindo

On the road from Mindo to Indi Wasi in Salacaca

Dinner at Indi Wasi, Salasaca

Dinner  at Indi Wasi, Salasaca
The Hikers !

relaxing at Indi Wasi

Getting the  Choclo ready for Humitas


Grinding the Choclo

Making Humitas
Filling the husks for Humitas


Relaxing with a crossword puzzle

Pelileo , "The blue  jeans capital of Ecuador".

Workshops in Puyo...

Information exchange

Being shown the school in Puyo

Cheers to a good workshop!
Chaya  ( the Photographer) and Dennis

One of our translators, who was also a Nature guide, stopped our bus to show us where the mouth of the Amazon begins... Can you see the CITTI??


Cotapaxi in full view on our ride home from Banos to Quito

And our last evening together in Quito......

The last supper

The complete group last night in Quito

Full Moon in Old Town Quito